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       The Moonlight Lore Podcast: A show covering all aspects of our mysterious world. In each episode, I share stories of astonishing events, historical accounts, paranormal activity, cryptid encounters, and everything in between. Join me and hundreds of listeners every other week on a journey into the unknown to discover what might be legend...and what might be true...

       The show itself was born out of a curiosity for macabre myths and an interest for historical events...and maybe a bit of boredom from being quarantined. What started out as a simple hobby of sharing stories and interesting facts, evolved into what we know the show to be today. A show where history collides with modern storytelling, enjoyed by hundreds. This show would not be what it is without you, the listener. You are equally responsible for helping shape Moonlight Lore.


       Since the creation of this podcast, I haven't really talked about myself all that much. I prefer not to waste too much time during the episodes to talk about myself and more so like to just focus on the topic at hand, but it's here, you'll get to learn a bit about me. 

      I come from a very small town in the middle of nowhere in Alberta, Canada. And despite my roots being firmly planted here, I have been known by friends and family to wander around quite a bit. I've backpacked across Europe for six months, and then through the Middle East for two more, and traveled across Canada as well as down south through the United States. I'm not sure where my next adventure will lead me, but once Covid allows, I'll be sure to take some time off and explore some more. 

      If you're curious why I've been able to take so much time off to travel, it's because I'm blessed to be currently employed by family, working on the very farm I grew up on. Although I'm a college graduate of Criminal Justice Studies, I decided the policing career path wasn't something I was interested in pursuing after graduating. Now, I find myself the host of a podcast that I very much love, and would love to turn into a full time gig. But for now, while I wait for that to come, I'm just taking it day by day. Enjoying life as it comes...

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